Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Listening Groups Formed

For the benefit of those who did not make it to today's Abbey community meeting, I am posting here the new listening group assignments. The conveners, whose names are marked in the list below by an asterisk (*), should make contact with their new group members, establish an initial meeting date and time and communicate that information to Jo Belser. Jo will give each convener a key to the church, so please make arrangements with her directly to sign up for your key.

Thanks to all who attended today's community meeting. An especially big thank you to Angela Churchill and Ron Crocker who designed the agenda for the day and led us in centering prayer followed by a very stimulating and interesting review of the listening group process.

I will send out, under separate cover, minutes of the afternoon's community meeting and the decisions which were made along with a summary of upcoming plans for the Abbey.

Listening Groups -- October, 2008

Group 1 – Meets on Monday evenings
Anne Omelianowich*
Dolores Dabney
George DeFilippi
Philip DuMoulin
Laurie Lewis
Seton Droppers

Group 2 – Meets on Monday evenings
Patrick McCabe*
Donna Crocker
Raima Larter
Angela Churchill
Marlee Norton

Group 3 – Meets on Tuesday evenings
Missie Burman*
Wayne Lewis
Pat Loudis
Jim Thomas
Scherrone Briggs

Group 4 – Meets on Wednesday evenings
Emily DiCicco*
Judy Wyne
Nancy McCracken
Marcia Devens
Ron Crocker
Louise Ruhf

Group 5 – Daytime meeting during the week
Sonya Marsden*
ConcepciĆ³n Boquilon
Anne Cake
Seville Allen
Kathie Panfil

Abbey Members currently not in a group
Jo Belser
Suzannah Rohman
Lorraine Underwood
Rob Stefan
Norma Kacen
Patty Droppers

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