Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Thought from Father Don

Dear Urban Abbey Members and Friends:

Below is today's reflection by Fr. Don Talafous, St. John's Abbey, shown at left. I was really struck by his holding up before us how much of an impact we, as individuals, can have on the lives of those around us --family, friends, people we meet in living our life. We can truly be a gift or help in another person's life--we to a certain extent can control that.

He shows us how to live out the 4th tenet of our Rule of life: "...and Show Fellowship with a welcoming heart, seeking Christ in everyone I meet, offering comfort and celebration. "

Shalom and many blessings, George DeFilippi

Father Don says, "After years of looking for someone else to blame for all our deficiencies there seems to be more appreciation today of accountability and responsibility. In fact the former word may be in danger of taking its place with other overexposed words like diversity and codependency. This new trend could encourage us to see the value of our life, our words, our example for our family, our friends, our neighborhood, our world. What we do or do not voluntarily do in the way of worship, love, honesty does strengthen or weaken the character, the tone, the texture of the community of which we are part. For our little part of the world and for many people around us we are irreplaceable; without the things we do or say they are diminished. Our lives, words and actions can build up or tear down. Our encouraging words or gestures help someone else through the day -- or the night. Our sympathy and listening tell others they are not alone, have worth. The respectfulness or dignity we bring to what we do helps others believe in the worth of living. What we do in response to our conscience is vital to the world around us and is our way of responding to the call of the Lord in the here and now."

Read more here: http://www.saintjohnsabbey.org/

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