Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Daily Office Online

After a little investigation, I have learned that the blog we have been following as we tweet Morning and Evening Prayer, is not an official blog from the Episcopal Church, despite the fact that it is entitled "Morning and Evening Prayer from the Episcopal Church." Thus, my statement in the previous post was not entirely accurate. The prayers are, nonetheless, from the Book of Common Prayer and the readings are all (as far as I can tell) chosen appropriately for each date, so these are prayers that Episcopalians can use as we pray the Daily Office.

As you can see from the comments to our last post, the author of this blog has objected to us referring to his work as we pray excerpts from the Book of Common Prayer on twitter. We will continue to refer people to this blog through our blogroll (see sidebar) since it is a beautifully done compilation that is easy to use.

Other online versions of the Daily Office exist such as this one that includes only Morning and Evening Prayer and this one that includes both a Rite I and a Rite II version. If you know of other online resources, please let us know and we will try to collect them here.


Eric said...

The Episcopal Church in Garret County MD has an excellent podcast of the Daily Office morning prayer available through iTunes. It's at

Raima said...

Thank you for sending us this link, Eric. Wonderful to hear that you are making the Daily Office available through iTunes!