Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Echo Chamber For The Word of God

In the new book Seeking Life, The Baptismal Invitation of the Rule of St. Benedict (2009) Esther De Waal reflects on how St. Benedict outlines a way of living where we continually seek to live lives more in line with God.

The complete quote, on page 65, reads "'The entire monastery -- and in microcosm the heart of each monk - is nothing more than an echo chamber for the word of God...each monastery, each monk, each Christian becomes a house of God...'" I find this image of being an echo chamber for the word of God both comfortable and challenging.

Are there places, times, and activities where you sometimes pause and hear God's word seemingly right next to you? Perhaps you are like me and more often than not hear the echos fading away, since we forgot to be quiet after asking God a question...

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