Thursday, March 31, 2011

RoL Reflections

Dear Urban Abbey Members and Friends: One of the Lenten disciplines I have attempted to take on this Lent is a Lectio Divina-style contemplation of various prayers. I have recently been reflecting on our Abbey’s Rule of Life. Here are some of my reflections. With the intention of drawing closer to God,… -- I have to be conscious in my desire to do this and try to subjugate my will to God’s. I will with God’s help… -- I cannot do this alone or under my own power; I need to look to a higher Power to underpin my efforts. Pray daily, guided by the Book of Common Payer or another Christian format,… -- To develop a strong personal relationship with God, I must feed that relationship. Just as with a close friend, I need to talk with God daily about my hopes, fears, frustrations, joys, and adoration. …and worship regularly in community,… -- I need also to maintain bonds and support of the community by sharing worship with them regularly. Study scripture and pursue a specifically selected spiritual activity annually,… -- To be close to God and try to be aware of God’s will (call) in my life, I need to do my homework and study sacred writing ( scripture, writings by theologians, books) to have more knowledge of what God is about. I need to be intentional in doing this. Serve others,… -- I need to remember that Christ was a servant-leader; my highest calling is to imitate Him in serving and being present for others. …share the tasks of the Urban Abbey Community,… -- To keep our Abbey Community strong and able to serve its members and the wider community, I must do my part and be an active participant. …and be mindful of God in my daily work, and… -- I need to try to be present in each moment of my day, remembering that I am God’s agent and doing whatever task I’m about to serve and glorify God. Show fellowship with a welcoming heart, seeking Christ in everyone I meet,… -- Fellowship and hospitality are the hallmarks of abbeys of old. I am called to extend that to those I meet in the course of my day; I need to remember that each person – rich, poor, good, bad – bears Christ in them and welcome them as I would Christ. …offering comfort and celebration… -- I not only need to offer fellowship and hospitality, but I need to try to meet each person where they are at the moment, whether it is to listen, to offer comfort and support in time of trouble, to rejoice with the person in times of joy. What does our common Rule of Life mean to you? How do you approach it each day? I invite your thoughts and reflections. Shalom and many blessings, George

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