Saturday, October 29, 2011


Dear Urban Abbey Members and Friends:

In the past two weeks we have had three long-time St. Georgians die –Martha Williams, Mae Guill, and Al Brevard. These three individuals all led long and full lives and were examples to us of Christian living and care of others. Their deaths leave a large hole in our community and sadness in our hearts.

As I reflect on their lives and their deaths, I am struck by the importance of community and prayer. Each of these people got to a point where they were not able to physically be with us at Sunday services or other Community events. The Community responded by sending Eucharistic Ministers and visitors to bring Community to these people who weren’t able to be with us. The linkage continued to be strong and the frailer in our community knew they were not forgotten. While only a few of our members were called to visit or bring communion, especially as they became frailer, the larger community responded by shrouding them and their families in prayer. This made a marked difference in their outlook and ability to deal with limitations on what they could do. These prayers were powerful not only for those who were ill, but reached their families as well. Knowing there was a network of people who cared buoyed the spirits of the families.

What a blessing community is. But community can also be fragile; it needs to be nourished to be kept strong and vibrant. When we become part of community we share in that responsibility and must give as we are able to support it. I invite you to consider how you support our community.

Shalom and blessings, George