Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Praying While Working

From the portion of the Rule of Benedict appointed for April 1, August 1, December 1:
Chapter 50: On Sisters Who are Working Far From the Oratory or Are on a Journey

Those sisters who are working at a great distance and cannot get to the oratory at the proper time -- the Abbess judging that such is the case -- shall perform the Work of God in the place where they are working, bending their knees in reverence before God.

Likewise those who have been sent on a journey shall not let the appointed Hours pass by, but shall say the Office by themselves as well as they can and not neglect to render the task of their service.

Is my work "far from the oratory"? I think so. And as a member of the Urban Abbey I am called to pray regularly, specifically, we are called to "Pray daily, guided by the Book of Common Prayer or another Christian format, and worship regularly in community". But here is a reminder to keep at it, which is really the best we can do.

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